Construction Industry Joint Council Employers Group – Purpose and Role

The CIJC Employers Group are an independent body representing the interests of adherent bodies in the Building and Civil Engineering Industry. We focus specifically on the management of employee and industrial relations together with broader aspects of work and well-being within the building and civil engineering industry.

We work with our recognised trade unions and seek to maintain a positive relationship. Our work is formally conducted in the Construction Industry Joint Council which is comprised of employer representatives from the adherent bodies and representatives from the recognised trade unions.

The aims and functions of the Construction Industry Joint Council are specified within the Working Rule Agreement. Specifically, they are to:

  • Agree rates of wages and other emoluments of building and civil engineering operatives
  • Agree terms and conditions of employment for building and civil engineering operatives and publish them as the Working Rules for the Building and Civil engineering Industry
  • To deal with disputes or differences involving or likely to involve any member or members of an Adherent body to this Agreement in accordance with the conciliation procedure
  • Consider proposals for, and to make, amendments to the Working Rules
  • At the request of either Side of the Council to consider any industrial or economic question which has or is likely to have a bearing on industrial relations in the Industry
  • To take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that operatives are employed under the Working Rule Agreement of the Council

CIJC Working Rule Agreement

Detailing each craft within the industry, and incorporating the latest changes from the CIJC.

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