Joint Secretaries’ Note – Continuing Professional Development

Continuous professional development is key to the future of our industry.  Engaging in and taking part in learning activities will allow everyone to develop and enhance their abilities, personal skills and level of proficiency throughout their career.  Employers and trade unions working within the Construction Industry Joint Council have agreed this joint statement to encourage operatives to participate in professional development activities to ensure their skills are kept up to date and relevant for the sector of the industry in which they are working.

Employers will support the development of operatives’ skills and knowledge in relation to their job role and the work they undertake. Employers and employees will identify areas of skills development and training requirements based on the business and employee needs so as to ensure a positive CPD exercise. Employers will fund course fees and reasonable associated costs of attendance, including wages. Operatives commit to attending courses identified to increase their skills and competencies.

CIJC Working Rule Agreement CIJC Working Rule Agreement